Monday, September 12, 2016

More Memories from Term 3

Cross Country

On Tuesday 30th August we took a team of determined runners to the Norwest Interschool Cross Country. It was held at Huapai Domain and was a great day for pushing ones limits! 

Well done to the Year 5's: 
Vraj, Jay, Yogeshwer, and Nandan, who ran 2km.
Fantastic effort to the Year 6's: 
Yug, Harsh, and Iggy, who ran 2.5km.
Great job to the Year 7's: 
Maanav and Manan, who ran 3km.

Jay with one more lap to go!

School Speech Competition

Last week on Thursday 8th September we held the annual speech competition.  Such a great evening; so wonderful to see all the students blossom with confidence.  The young orators were so good it made the judges job difficult!

Year 7 and 8 Team: Maanav, Vaani, Veda, Sachi and Hani
Year 5 and 6 Team:  Tushti and Sai (front)
Nadiya, Krisha, Harsh, Divya, Dana-keli and Ananya (back)


Year 7&8
First Place:  Sachi Prasad
Second Place: Veda Pujol
Third Place: Vaani Pillay

Year 5&6
First Place: Krisha Prasad
Second Place:  Dana-keli Thompson
Third Place: Divya Chintapatla


Lastly, here are a few pictures of the grand festival of Krishna's Birth! During the day students got to spend time in the temple, joining in on ecstatic kirtan, soaking up the surcharged atmosphere in the temple and bathing Bal Gopal.  In the evening the festivities continued with students performing in a drama, dance, leading kirtan, as well as a mrdanga presentation.
Abhishek of Bal Gopal
Young Gopis ready for Janmashtami
Srila Prabhupada

Just two weeks to go until the holidays and there's still more to look forward to. Sachi and Krisha will compete at the Norwest Interschool Speech Competition this Wednesday 14th September - we wish them luck! A group of boys will enter the Year 7&8 Volleyball Competition on Wednesday the 21st September and lastly I look forward to seeing you all at the Student Led Conferences in the last week of school.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a few pics from over the term.  It took me a while to get them up - but we got there in the end.


Looking Back on Term 3

Term 3 Kicked off with a Problem Solving Challenge

In groups students had to make a 'parachute type contraption' to float a small plastic cup of rice, safely to the ground, without spilling any grains! They were given a plastic bag, tape, glue, string, ice-block sticks and card.

Iggy launches the winning chute!
Manan and Vaani mid-design
Yug and Sachi nearly done
Decision time for Krisha and Harsh
Surely we're on to a winner?!

Balaram's Appearance Day

Balaram's Appearance Day was celebrated with a transcendent dose of the holy name! We visited the temple for darshan and students had the opportunity to lead kirtan. Later we embarked on a vibrant Harinam around the school grounds, and the temple.  

Yogeshwer leads kirtan on the harmonium
Jay playing mrdanga

Nearly back to school

Another blog coming soon with more memories of Term 3.
Hari bol!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Looking Forward to Camp!

Dear Parents,

Camp is always a major highlight of the year. 
Fresh air, sunshine (hopefully), lots of physical activity and lots of fun!
It is a wonderful opportunity for the students to develop their independence and confidence as they are taken out of their comfort zone and provided with safe challenges.  It provides an opportunity for the students to work together and support each other, helping them to develop their communication skills and deepen class bonds. 

Please remember to send back the consent form for the water activities as soon as possible.

I am also pleased to offer the Class Historian (Riddhi) and the Class Photographer's (Sachi) latest edition of The Weekly Class.  We have had a hectic few weeks so this newsletter covers weeks 5 -7. (Ooops......We seem to have used too many photo's in the newsletter....and it's not uploading......I will try to attach it as a pdf in an email)

Lastly, I hope you have booked a time with me for the Parent/Teacher/Student interviews next week.  Please be on time for your interview.  I will stick to the allocated time slots so if you are late you may need to reschedule at another available time.

Look forward to meeting you all next week,
Hare Krsna!

Gaura Nitai Class Teacher

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Weekly Class (weeks 3-4)

Dear Parents,

The term is moving so quickly!
We are already in week 5 nearly half way through the term.

Dates to remember:
School Gala Sunday 13th March
Gaura Purnima Wednesday 23rd March
Three Way Conferences 4-5th April
Gaura Nitai Class Camp 12-15th April  (I will send more information about the camp closer to the time)

Please find below the next edition of "The Weekly Class" created and written by Riddhi Prajapati and Sachi Prasad - both Year 8.
I'm attaching it as a jpeg, so in order to read it you need to click on it and then zoom in (I think that should work).

Hare Krishna,


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Class Blog Up and Running!

Hare Krishna Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Gaura Nitai Class 2016!

It has been a lovely start to the year and I look forward to meeting you all later in the term.
I am new to blogging so needed help to set this up.  Thank you to Riddhi for helping me!

We would like to welcome two vibrant new students to the class: Nadiya Chandra Yr 6 and Vaani Pillay  Yr 7.  They have settled in quickly and add to the sweet nature of the class.

Below is the first edition of "The Weekly Class"  which is created by our 'Class Historian' and our 'Class Photographer'.  This edition was created by Gopal Krishna Yr 8.  He will be missed as he left this week for another school.  Riddhi Prajapati has gladly taken over the role as Class Historian.


If you haven't already done so, please send back the camp forms/camp payment and the homework book order forms/payment.